About Us

NNN BPM Services ('3N' or '3N Serve') is a next-generation business process optimization company that tackles the unique challenges that enterprises and legal services providers face.

Our technology-based partnerships and outsourcing solutions insulate clients from the avoidable damages that result from revenue-leakage by filling process gaps that stand in the way of profit realization.

We aim to provide quick, effective, affordable, and top-quality solutions. Our teams and global partners safeguard clients’ interests across transactions, and our virtual service delivery ensures clients receive uninterrupted service at a consistent price. The delivery model also promotes business continuity by incorporating enhanced data security enabled via thin client and/or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

3N stands for Nimble Negotiation Network.

3N Concept

To us, “negotiation” is any activity that minimizes risk and secures interests. We are not consultants but business partners, and our practical solutions improve our clients’ quality, efficiency, and business outcomes. Our clients measure excellence by our solutions’ impact and not just with the cost-savings realized during the engagement. Our team brings in a combined 150 years’ experience in legal, business, process, technology, procurement, marketing, and merchandising management.

Our partners and affiliates strive to understand our clients’ needs and circumstances. Each individual thinks independently and maintains accountability, integrity, diversity, and trust in every transaction.

Our solution can enable you to thrive through each stage of your business: START-UP | GROWTH | MATURITY | REBIRTH